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We deliver key components from the Veeva portfolio, including Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault Suites. 

Veeva solutions are designed specifically for the life sciences industry, providing sophisticated capabilities to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to manage their interactions with healthcare professionals and patients.

Veeva CRM, Vault, Open Data and other components are built on the Salesforce platform and include industry-specific functionality and compliance features unavailable in any standard Salesforce Clouds.

Benefits of using Veeva solutions


Industry-specific functionality and expertise. Veeva solutions are designed specifically for the life sciences industry, providing a range of industry-specific functionality and compliance features, including complex workflows, call planning, sample management, and more.


Multichannel engagement. Veeva solutions enable companies to engage with healthcare professionals and patients across multiple channels, including email, web, social media, mobile devices, and outstanding tablet applications for sales representatives.


Excellent compliance and regulatory capabilities. Veeva solutions provide robust compliance and regulatory support, helping companies comply with industry regulations and guidelines, including automated call recording and reporting, consent management, and more.


Seamless integrations. Veeva solutions bridge the Salesforce Clouds and the platforms used in the life sciences industry, including electronic health records, medical information systems, and others, creating a sophisticated one-stop solution for the life-science sector.


Data-driven insights. Veeva CRM Suite provides real-time insights into customer interactions and engagement, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions and optimise their customer engagement, sales and marketing strategies.

Veeva solutions we work with

We can handle all Veeva CRM Suite and Veeva Vault deployment scenarios and their integration with other systems. We can also support any customisation of the underlying Salesforce Clouds.

Should your deployment require customisation to Veeva Safety, Medical or Content Suites, Development Cloud, Research Site Solutions or application of any Veeva Suites to Specialty Chemicals, Packaged goods, or Food & Beverages industries, we will gladly work with your existing Veeva partners or invite our own.

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