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We deliver key components from the Salesforce portfolio, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Communities. 

We are also experts in Veeva CRM for Pharma or Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud and support large Salesforce instances using the Flosum DevOps platform.

All Salesforce solutions are customer-oriented, sophisticated and highly interoperable with other Salesforce and 3rd-party products, making them ideal for driving customer engagement and revenue growth for small to large enterprises.

Benefits of using Salesforce


Comprehensive functionality. Salesforce includes a broad range of functionality, including marketing automation, sales automation, e-commerce, AI, and customer service.


Ease of use. Salesforce is very user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that requires minimal training.


Customisation capabilities. platform allows to customise and extend the whole ecosystem to a level that is almost unmatched by other solutions.


Industry clouds. Salesforce's industry-specific clouds are built to accelerate the digital transformation of various sectors, including pharma, non-profit, automotive, communications, financial services, consumer goods, energy, manufacturing, government and education.



High scalability and security. Salesforce clouds are highly scalable, which makes them suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small companies to large enterprises.


Seamless integration. Salesforce CX solutions integrate seamlessly with other Salesforce products and third-party applications, making it an ideal unified platform for customer engagement and data management.


AI-powered insights and personalisation. Salesforce clouds leverage AI and machine learning to give real-time insights into customer behaviour and preferences and personalise customer interactions.


Rich ecosystem. Salesforce's large and active ecosystem of partners and developers provides a great range of third-party applications and services that enhance the platform's functionality.

Salesforce solutions we work with

We can handle all Salesforce CX deployment scenarios and industry clouds and their integration with other systems. 

Should your deployment require customisation to Tableau, or Commerce Cloud, we will gladly work with your existing Salesforce partners or invite our own.

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